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Lido di Noto

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Shuttle Service

Our Oasi Park Falconara has its own minibus, which will allow you to get to the beautiful beach of Lido di Noto in a few minutes.

Shuttle service for excursions

Excluding High season period, it’s also possible to get a shuttle for a fee to Noto, Vendicari or for a trip to Syracuse.

Rental Car Partner

Open every day from 9:00 to 20:00

Telephone: +39 0931 969745

Address: Strada Statale Avola – Noto, 115, 96012 Avola SR


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Oasi Park Falconara

Noto Marina (SR)

Coordinate GPS: Lat.N 36.87001° / N36°52′ 12,04” – 

Long. E15.12872° / E15°07′ 43.39

Contact us: cell. 339.6121174 / 335.8440239
e-mail: info@oasiparkfalconara.com

Oasi Park Falconara
Lungo Mare Ionio, 71
96017 Noto (SR)
Cell. +39 339 6121174 / +39 335 8440239 info@oasiparkfalconara.com

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